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Management Development Program
At Cianbro, you will get exciting assignments and the support of our entire team during your first 2 years to ensure your success.  One of the ways we support you is thru our Management Development Program

As a new or recent graduate the program will provide:
  • Assignments in three different roles during your first 2 years with us; Estimating, Field Engineering & Project Engineering
  • Mentors to support your development
  • Training sessions with your peers building knowledge while creating solid networking within a large cross section of Cianbro companies
  • Supervisors and seniors management provide solid guidance and coaching


Cianbro recruits students at all stages of their collegiate education and welcomes repeat internships over multiple summers.

Internships are paid and are available to college students focusing on a course of study in Engineering, Construction Management, Safety and Business.

Selected Interns will be offered training, Interns will be given a work assignment within Cianbro's operating region. Internships are designed to introduce and build essential hands on skills that differ from those attained in the academic arena and help to enhance the transition from student to professional. It also gives you a chance to assess if the challenges that Cianbro has to offer are for you.

Career paths at Cianbro

Cianbro provides a program tailored to recent graduates exposing them to 3 different assignments within the first 2 years - providing not only a solid foundation for any career with us but also a better understanding of the multitude of options that you can pursue in a diversified company like ours.

The path you will follow and the how far you want to take your progression internally is totally up to you and we will be there to support your goals.

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Where could I expect to work?

Cianbro’s headquarters are in Pittsfield, Maine. Our presence is still very concentrated in the North East of the United States. But with our market focus to serve our valued customers where ever they operate and with our recent acquisition of StarCon, we operate nationwide with some ventures into the international arena.

“The MDP’s best resources are all the seasoned employees, managers, and mentors which are available for help.”
Kevin Salaoutis, Construction Management, University of Maine Orono

My internship experience allowed me to hit the ground running since joining as a full time team member. The responsibility and independence that I have been given, even as a recent college graduate, makes me feel that I am really contributing to my project and the company.
Team Member Travis Watson, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida

“I was given a tremendous amount of responsibility, all that I could ask for, but not left on my own.”
Team Member Brayden Sheive, Bachelors in Construction Management and Technology from the University of Maine in Orono

After I graduated college, I was looking for an active job environment with a challenging atmosphere. I found both of them working for Cianbro.
Team Member Joe Clough, Electrical Engineer, Vermont Technical College

"The MDP program allowed me to gain exposures in a structured way while integrating them into the core functions of my current position"
Hannah Bass, Doctorate in Law, University of Maine School of Law

"I am so thankful for Cianbro investing & believeing in me & my future. It is such a great feeling knowing my company is so eager & willing to invest the time & energy in developing my position & growth within the company"
Spencer Selferth, Bachelors in Electro Mechanical Engineering, Wentworth Institute of Technology

“For me, the MDP reinforces the expectation that not everyone who joins the company knows exactly what they want to be doing for the rest of their career, and that you need some experimenting to figure out what you're good at and what you like.”
Bradley Grillo, Mechanical Engineer, Alfred University

“One of the major reasons I chose Cianbro over other comapnies was the MDP. I could not pass up the opportunity to work for a company that wanted to ensure my first two years were spent learning & growing. In this the MDP far exceeded my expectations”
Eve Jordan, Bachelors in Civil Engineering, University of Maine in Orono

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