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Scope of Work
The Cianbro/ Middlesex Joint Venture Team is constructing a new two-track, electrified railroad bascule bridge across the Niantic River 58 ft south of its present location.  The new bridge will replace one of the oldest movable bridges in the country, which was built in 1907.

Project Details
  • Demolishing the existing bridge and bridge piers
  • Installing a new reinforced HDPE fender system
  • Installing 3,300 lf of concrete sheet pile including ground anchors, dead-men and concrete pile tie-backs
  • Expanding the navigational channel beneath the bridge from 45 ft to 100 ft and increasing the vertical under-clearance above the water from 11.5 ft to 16 ft
  • Constructing in-water cofferdams for 21.5 ft thick tremie footings
  • Erecting 1,230 tons of structural steel which includes two, 13 ft tall, 106 ton approach girders and two 141 ton bascule heel girders
  • Floating-in and jacking for placement of the new, single leaf bascule span
  • Installing 7,600 ft of overhead 25 kV catenary traction power system
  • Installing new electrical control and operating systems
  • Demolishing the existing boardwalk and installing precast concrete T-wall and concrete sheet pile retaining walls and concrete sidewalk

Unique Challenge

This project requires in-depth and extensive safety and environmental planning as the entire project is being constructed in an environmentally sensitive area surrounded by 3 freshwater wetlands and 2 shell fishing areas. Additionally, the effects of the narrow channel combined with the tidal and river currents require unique evolving access configurations while the area surrounding the project site experiences significant boating traffic.

Project Information


Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Start: February 2010
Complete: May 2013

East Lyme & Waterford, CT
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