The Cianbro Institute was established to address the skills shortage of human capital in the construction industry.

Cianbro realizes that by linking our in-house training programs and recruitment efforts with educational institutions and other partners, we can attract, develop and retain our team members.

Vision - Attract, develop and retain the best workforce within the construction industry.

Mission - To be the best at delivering safe, cost effective and efficient training, and career development in a work style environment through partnerships with educational institutions, employment organizations, industry and business, and government agencies.
Health & Safety
Leading by example, we will practice healthy lifestyles and provide life balance.
Productivity & Quality
Through technology and innovation, we will lead the industry in our human resource and career development methods.
We will maintain and promote our open shop and employee owned company.
- We will establish a corporate educational facility along with regional facilities.
- Develop mobile educational units to support our operations.
- Develop, retain, and attract the best.
- We will develop accessible and flexible career & educational development programs for our team members and their families.
- Support our business partners in the recruiting, hiring, staffing, & development areas.
We will establish systems and protocols that will increase our retention, improve our selection process and develop our team members

2009 Maine Development Foundation Champion of Employee Education

2008 Finance Authority of Maine Education at Work for Maine Award

2008 Franklin County Community College Network Corporate Award

- Universities, Colleges, and Community Colleges
- Career and Technical Centers
- Job Corps
- Adult Education
- Department of Labor
- Department of Economic and Community Development
- Department of Education
- Local Workforce Investment Boards