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Heavy Lifting at Pennington Avenue Bridge Project

Sep 22

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9/22/2009 10:33 AM  RssIcon

Heavy Lifting at Pennington Avenue Bridge Project
It's been a busy summer at Cianbro's Pennington Avenue Bridge Project in Baltimore, Maryland near the Mid-Atlantic Regional office. The Cianbro crew, led by Project Manager Tesfa Berhane, has been upgrading infrastructure at the bridge, including electrical systems, machinery, and open gearing. Inspections revealed a cracked trunnion bearing earlier in the project, which led team members to devise a way to lift two million pounds of bridge to extract the flawed component and replace it. The upgrade is proceeding favorably, despite the big, heavy nature of the job, and the cramped quarters in which the team maneuvers. The crew is on schedule to open the southern span to traffic in November.

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