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Baltimore Fab Shop Gains Valuable Certification

Jan 4

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1/4/2011 3:54 PM  RssIcon

Cianbro Fabrication and Coating Corporation Vice President Jack Klimp has announced that the Baltimore Fab Shop has earned a valuable certification to fabricate and coat structural steel for the Pennsylvania Department of Transporation. 

"Pennsylvania is one of the top ten consumers of structural steel for bridges," said Klimp. "The new certification opens up one more state that we can compete in, and it's a significant new market for CFCC."

BFAB Quality Control Manager Malcolm Sanders, Operations Manager Terry Fisher, Superintendent Richard Sirois and the Fab Shop team all received congratulations from Klimp for their achievement. It took six months to gain the certification, a process that included compliance with a stringent set of requirements, ensuring the facility has the proper experience and equipment, and passing a painstakingly detailed audit.

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