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Destiny Tech Summit

Oct 28 2008


SYRACUSE, New York – Cianbro will be one of the key contributors at a Technology Summit this week, involving the leaders of several technology companies that have worked on innovations at the Destiny USA project in Syracuse, New York.  Among the firms that will take part alongside Destiny and Cianbro are Motion Computing, Autodesk, and Vela Systems.  Motion has created upgrades for its electronic tablet computers which make the tablets more effective in a construction environment.  Vela has designed the software that makes the Motion tablets useful for construction projects.  Autodesk is the author of a web-based construction management system that allows the masses of data from the Destiny project to be stored in a single convenient location. 

The companies are now turning their attention to further innovations involving the Green Certification process, which rates the environmental commitment of construction projects.  Also, the collaborators are looking into the possibility of adding Universal Access capabilities to software which designers use to create plans and drawings for buildings.  Long before actual construction begins, the updated software would determine problem areas within a building’s design, areas that would be inaccessible to people with disabilities.  Those areas could then be corrected to accommodate all of a building’s future visitors. 

The Technology Summit will take place October 29-30.  It will include a working gathering where leaders of the various companies will discuss plans for future collaborations.  A press conference is also scheduled at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse, to announce the advances that come from the Summit.

For more information watch these videos:

Destiny Tech Summit Video Part - 1

Destiny Tech Summit Video Part - 2


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