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LIVE UPDATE - Destiny Tech Summit

Oct 30 2008


SYRACUSE, New York - Leaders from a half dozen key companies which are involved in the Destiny USA project in Syracuse, New York have signed an informal agreement to collaborate on efforts that could eventually reinvent the construction industry.  Cianbro Chairman Peter Vigue joined Destiny's owner, Bob Congel, for the signing ceremony which included top executives from Motion Computing, Vela Systems, Autodesk and the United States Green Building Council. Motion, Vela, and Autodesk have produced the hardware and the software that has allowed the Cianbro jobsite in Syracuse to become paperless and automated.  The collaboration has a goal of streamlining the Green Certification process, and modifying computerized design procedures for future buildings in order to detect any areas that would be inaccessible to people with disabilities.  That detection would take place well ahead of actual construction.

During a press conference at Destiny's Carousel Mall Expansion project, officials from all of the organizations said the recent technological accomplishments onsite, coupled with the new agreement were just the beginning of innovations that could eventually impact construction across the nation, and perhaps globally.

For more information watch these videos:

Destiny Tech Summit Video Part - 1

Destiny Tech Summit Video Part - 2


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