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Update from Cianbro Middlesex Joint Venture

Feb 12 2009

Work at the Brightman Street Bridge project continues to move along through the winter season. Phase 2 of construction of the Route 6 Brayton Avenue intersection in Somerset, Massachusetts has been completed. The Bridge B section of the project is close to completion, with the approach slab and barrier work scheduled to begin this spring. The finishing point will be the application of the final asphalt wearing surface on the top of the road. 

A team has been setting the tub girders on the West approach. Currently, the team is bolting and torquing diaphragms on the west side, and welding bearings at Pier 3. After the team erects the west tub girder steel, they will prepare for setting tub girders on the east approach. The team will begin with setting bearings at Pier 4E and the east abutment.

The east bascule team has completed the exterior pours, and the exterior portion of the control house is nearly complete leaving one small upper pour to finish. Work shifted to the interior, and work began with forming level 3 slabs and level 2 walls. Currently this team is also pouring the trunion columns, and casting in the anchor bolts that will support the steel. A team of electricians has assembled at the site and is planning to begin work in the unit substation room early this spring. Following the completion of the exterior pours, the west bascule shuts down for the winter season. Work on the interior will begin later this spring.

Pile driving operations are complete for the entire project. The earth wall 3E is also done. Work is now focused on the MSE walls 2N and 2S in Fall River, MA at Ramp NW. The team is utilizing geosynthetic straps and a combination of light weight fill to achieve the desired bearing pressure.

The Joint Venture project currently has a total of 333, 321 Safe hours. The team continues to focus on safety and productivity.

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