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Hats Off to Cianbro's Lineworker Trainees

Feb 18 2009

Eight Cianbro team members are near the end of a four week course, sponsored by the Cianbro Institute, to train lineworkers.  Jeffery Briggs, Joseph Buckley, Ben Delong, John Templin, Renaldo Lowry, Marcos Flores, Derek Pelotte and Fred Harrigan spent time both in the classroom and outside.  They've studied skills ranging from basic electrical theory and mathematics, to lineworker rigging and pole climbing.  Next, they will spend nine to twelve months doing on the job training.  Once they achieve the appropriate skills, they will earn the title of Class 3 Lineworkers.  Two to three years later, they're likely to have climbed the ladder to First Class Linemen, able to accomplish all the tasks that go along with the profession's high salary.

Leading the four-week class is Lineworker Trainer Jerry Burton, who came out of the field to teach.  His colleagues are Equipment Trainer Brad Vanadestine, Electrical Trainer Scott Mitchell, Rigging Trainer George Arsenault, Math Instructor Jon Sacks and Administrator Michelle Godsoe and Melissa Rumminger.  Lineworkers Harold Enman and Aaron Grenier also assisted.

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