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Fox Islands Wind Crew Rises before the Breeze

Sep 25 2009

Progress continues at the Fox Islands Wind project on Vinalhaven Island in Maine, where Cianbro crews are erecting three 1.5 megawatt General Electric wind turbines to power the communities on Vinalhaven and nearby North Haven Island. To date, one turbine has been installed up to the mid-section of its tower, another turbine is complete except for its rotor, and a third turbine is fully assembled. In order to accomplish the steady progress, team members have had to plan around the capricious sea breeze that will eventually power the turbines. Just last night, Cianbro crews showed up at the jobsite at 2:30 a.m. with the hope of flying a nacelle onto the second tower. Project Manager Chad Allen and Superintendent Eric Brown had monitored forecasts for the immediate vicinity of the jobsite, and learned there would be a lull in the wind between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. The team used the window successfully, and finished the nacelle installation by dawn. Today, team members are working on the ground to complete the turbine's rotor assembly. With a little help from Mother Nature, the team should be able to fly the rotor on Saturday, or early next week.

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