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Brewer Wins EPA Award for EMF Partnership

Oct 06 2009

The City of Brewer, Maine has been recognized with a prestigious federal award for the work done by the city to help a team of visionaries, including Cianbro, to redevelop an idle mill into a successful manufacturing facility. The Environmental Protection Agency is honoring Brewer officials with the EPA's Phoenix Award for the city's work in lining up two million dollars worth of financing that resulted in the ecological rehabilitation of the old Eastern Fine Paper mill property. That formerly contaminated land now holds Cianbro's vibrant Eastern Manufacturing Facility. At that site, the company is currently churning out 53 massive refinery modules for Motiva's seven billion dollar Port Arthur refinery expansion in Texas and is employing more than 500 local citizens in the process.

"With the strong collaboration of many agencies: federal, state, county and local, we took an environmentally unfriendly site and transformed it into a gleaming, state-of-the-art facility that provides economic opportunities for the entire region," said Cianbro Senior Vice President Mac Cianchette. "We're proud to be a partner in that initiative, and we congratulate the city for being recognized with this well-deserved award."  

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