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Fox Islands Wind Project Winding Down

Oct 16 2009

With all three wind turbines successfully erected on Vinalhaven Island off the Maine coast, Cianbro crews are in the process of demobilizing. The last components of the Manitowoc 2250 crane which did the heavy lifting for the job have been barged off the island. General Electric technicians have been overseeing Cianbro team members who have completed the grounding systems for the turbines. At the end of the month, GE will do the final checkout of the systems that allow remote monitoring and control of the turbines from General Electric's headquarters in New York, and Fox Island’s headquarters on Vinalhaven. Transmission lines and fiber optic lines have been connected at the Vinalhaven site to allow the export of 4.5 MW of green electrical power to the island communities for their use. Meanwhile, the project's leaders are preparing for a commissioning ceremony in November.

Cianbro Project Manager Chad Allen offers this comment:  "Thanks to all the crews who've given a fantastic effort to get the project to the finish line.  And also, we extend our gratitude to the communities who've been impacted or involved in the project, for their patience and support."

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