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Cianbro Module Project Earns Top Prize in International Competition

Oct 19 2009

Cianbro's work package engineers at the Eastern Manufacturing Facility (EMF) in Brewer, Maine, have earned the top prize in a worldwide competition highlighting the use of 3D software technology. Lead Work Package Engineer Cheryl Brackett represented Cianbro at the 2009 Be Inspired Awards in Charlotte, North Carolina. The competition is sponsored by Bentley Systems, the developer of the ConstructSim 3D visualization software which Cianbro uses to plan and monitor the construction of massive refinery modules at EMF. 

"The theme for the conference was Innovations in Infrastructure," says Brackett. "We won not as Work Package Engineers, but as a project that changed our community by our project. The ability to use our technology to pass our information to trainees, production, and crews while creating 500 plus new jobs, clinched the award."

Cianbro took first prize in the "Innovation in Oil and Gas" category. Other distinguished finalists included the $5 billion Tangguh LNG facility in Papua, New Guinea, owned by British Petroleum, and a project from the Ukraine's CNGS Engineering, which provides design services for the LAM-B Wellhead Platform located in the Caspian Sea.

"This award event was much bigger then I had even imagined," Brackett says. "The caliber of the projects was of the highest quality. People came from six continents to participate."

Cianbro's presentation highlighted the company's innovative use of ConstructSim to plan the building sequence of the complex modules which the company builds for the Motiva refinery expansion project, ongoing in Port Arthur, Texas. Brackett and her colleagues also use the software to clarify shapes and positions of the many components that make up the refinery "building blocks," and to monitor the progress of construction on each module. Brackett's discussion also described the software's ability to cross-reference vast inventories of module parts.

First prize includes a monetary award. Brackett says that money will be donated toward heating assistance for citizens in the Brewer area.  

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