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Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Awards $19.5 Million Contract to Cianbro

Oct 23 2009

"Thanks go to the estimating team for providing us with this significant project. We look forward to putting team members to work on this job." That's the word from NNE Regional Vice President Charlie Cianchette as Cianbro celebrates the acquisition of a new $19.5 million contract from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Under the provisions of the contract, Cianbro will rehabilitate existing Dry dock #2. The work includes cellular cofferdam construction, concrete and granite demolition, installation of a new bulkhead assembly, and construction of new concrete walls. The project is scheduled to start next month (November), with a completion date of November 5, 2010.  Senior Vice President of Operations Earle Cianchette says, "This is a great project for a great customer. When Cianbro gets a project, it builds momentum for our team. We're looking forward to this job, and the next one."  

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