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Delivering Cianbro Modules Aboard The Emma Foss

Oct 26 2009

After a 19-day voyage, the ocean-going tug Emma Foss docked in Port Arthur, Texas on October 22 with the fourth shipment of Cianbro modules destined for the Motiva refinery expansion project. The tug and her barge, the Columbia Boston, made good headway down the Eastern Seaboard, but had to duck into port in Tampa, Florida to wait for inclement weather to clear in the Gulf of Mexico. When crossing the open Gulf, there is no haven for the vessels. So the crew waits for a clear shot from the Keys to Port Arthur before setting out on the Gulf leg of the voyage. Project Manager Scott Clements expects the Emma Foss and the barge back in Maine by early to mid November. The team is on track for the fifth shipment to leave Maine on or about December 18th.  

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