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Cianbro Completes Emergency Repairs on the Portsmouth Memorial Bridge

Nov 23 2009

Cianbro has just completed an emergency repair on the Memorial Bridge which connects Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine. Due to the hard work by the committed crew, Cianbro completed the quality repair a week ahead of schedule and with zero safety incidents. Cianbro was awarded this contract to install steel support gusset plates at a weakened location on the bridge. The work consisted of setting up traffic controls for the pedestrian traffic, hanging suspended scaffolding under the bridge, containing and de-leading the work area, coating the steel, chipping and busting rivets, installing custom bolts in the rivet holes, designing and building templates, fabricating and installing cheese plates and the final gusset plates, and lastly, applying a three coat paint system to the steel repair. Cianbro's onsite team consisted of Iron Worker's Dave Bond, Scott Bumps, Mike McVane and Welder Louis Martin, all led by General Foreman Bill Moulton and Superintendent Pat Sughrue. The New Hampshire DOT was represented by Gene Sawyer. 
"By working long shifts and weekends, the contractor was able to complete the repair work five days ahead of schedule," said Bill Boynton, spokesman for the N.H. Department of Transportation. "We didn't pick the day before Thanksgiving by accident. We wanted to make sure it was done before the holiday season kicked off. Everything, we heard, went well."  -  www.seacoastonline.com

"Bill Boynton, NHDOT spokesman, said the early reopening was mainly achieved by crews working long shifts and weekends. Boynton said good weather also helped workers get ahead of schedule. 'We were very pleased with Cianbro's response in mobilization and the type of hours they were putting in,' said Boynton. 'It's always good when you can get something done in advance of the deadline.'"  -  www.fosters.com

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