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Cianbro Secures Another Module Project for Eastern Manufacturing Facility

Jan 18 2011

Cianbro is pleased to announce that the company has won a second contract in four months for constructing industrial modules at its Eastern Manufacturing Facility in Brewer, Maine. Cianbro's latest client is a major North American petrochemical corporation. The modules will be similar to those constructed by Cianbro for the Motiva refinery from 2008 to 2010, and will include both process and pipe rack modules. Cianbro will begin assembling the modules immediately.  The modules will be shipped to their final destination by barge.

Cianbro Chairman and CEO Pete Vigue points to the award as a source of pride for the company. "Despite the struggling economy and the limited amount of activity in the modular industry, Cianbro has been able to win this work," said Vigue.  "The project award reflects the confidence with which major players in the petrochemical industry view our company and our team members, who continue to satisfy our clients with outstanding performance. Since the petrochemical industry has exacting safety requirements, it is also a big advantage for Cianbro that our company has accomplished significant safety achievements in recent years, including zero lost time injuries companywide throughout all of 2010. That's more than three million work hours without a lost time injury." 

The new project arrives four months after Cianbro announced that Vale, an international mining company based in Brazil, had awarded a contract to the company to construct 22 Electrical Room modules. The electrical rooms will be installed in a nickel processing plant that Vale is constructing in Long Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada. That project is slated to continue until the second quarter of 2012. Cianbro Vice President and General Manager Joe Cote said the two projects will be underway at the same time on the pad at the Eastern Manufacturing Facility. 

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