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Gulf of Maine Research Institute Honors Cianbro's Pier Project

Jan 27 2011

Two months after Cianbro team members demobilized the jobsite and energized the newly constructed Gulf of Maine Research Institute Pier in Portland, Maine, GMRI honored Cianbro's work by selecting the company for the Institute's 2010 David E. Lawrence Vendor of the Year Award. The award is named for David Lawrence, the project manager from Ouellete Associates who oversaw the design and construction of GMRI's state of the art research and education facility in Portland, near the spot where the new pier built by Cianbro now stands.

On January 20, at GMRI's Annual Board Dinner, Project Superintendent Pat Sughrue, Field Superintendent Bill Moulton and Project Engineer Brayden Sheive were singled out by the Institute for recognition. Cianbro Chairman and CEO Pete Vigue was also on hand to accept a plaque on behalf of the entire company. 

"I was so impressed with the team members on this project, and how they represented the company," Pete said. "It makes me very proud the way they interacted with the public and clients on a day to day basis. I am humbled to have been asked to participate in a ceremony such as this. It's a testimony to what our company is all about. The praise that GMRI has delivered to the Pier Project team is a reflection of our best selves."

In remarks inviting Cianbro to the awards ceremony, GMRI President Don Perkins had this to say: "Not only did Cianbro craft and execute an innovative construction project, you were a pleasure to work with. Pat, Bill and Brayden were outstanding partners in the course of managing a project with significant risk. Cianbro staff went above and beyond the contracted work in so many ways, including their work with abutting fishermen, a presentation to GMRI at one of our monthly staff meetings, tours of the construction site, etc. The finished pier is now home to the USCGC Jefferson Island and is the second big step in realizing GMRI’s vision to attract and grow a critical mass of marine science, technology, and education capacity for Maine."

Project Engineer Brayden Sheive said, "Having GMRI as a client was a pleasure. They were always so interested in the work. It was never 'when will it be done?' It was usually '…we will be sad to see you go.' Anyone that ever spoke about the pier was always very interested in understanding the work process, and there was an open relationship between all Cianbro TMs on-site and the individuals associated with GMRI."

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