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Cianbro Fabrication & Coating Corporation Receives AISC Safety Award

Jun 16 2011

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) is the premiere trade organization for the nation's steel fabrication industry. Part of the Institute's mission is to collect safety data from all of its members to get a sense of the industry's status in terms of safety. With data in hand, AISC is able to rank the safety achievements of members. In that arena, Cianbro Fabrication & Coating Corporation (CFCC) stood out with a zero recordable incident rate for 2010, in comparison to an overall industry RIR of 9.9.  In recognition of CFCC's safety accomplishments, the Institute has issued a Safety Award of Honor to the company in the Shop and Office Category.

"By an important measure, 2010 was a notable success," said the AISC award notice. "Your company achieved a safety record worthy of recognition. The statistics you submitted to us this Spring indicate that your company met or exceeded the requirements of an AISC Safety Award…We hope you use the occasion of receiving the award to congratulate your coworkers and as a reminder of the importance of working safely."

CFCC Vice President and General Manager Jack Klimp is proud of the accomplishment. "This is another example of the outstanding job our team members are doing day in and day out in our Baltimore and Pittsfield Fabrication and Coating Shops," he said. "My hat is off to each and every one of them."

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