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City of Bangor Hires Cianbro to Build New Arena

Jun 17 2011

In a Thursday budget workshop session at City Hall in Bangor, Maine, municipal leaders officially selected Cianbro Corporation to build a new arena and convention center to replace the aging Bangor Auditorium. Cianbro Project Manager Jon DiCentes expects mobilization to begin during the week of June 20th, including moving office trailers on site, installing temporary fencing, and setting up project signage.  DiCentes has every expectation that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection will grant a permit early in July. Once that hurdle is passed, the company will begin to enlist site, steel, concrete and precast subcontractors for the project.  All construction documents are expected to be in hand by the end of July, at which point Cianbro will hire the rest of the trades necessary to complete the job.  If all goes smoothly, the team will be moving full speed ahead by the beginning of August, with a completion date set for the end of 2013.

"This is a monumental project for Bangor, with 75 percent of the local population supporting it," said Jon, who was the project manager when Cianbro built the nearby Hollywood Slots casino. Hollywood Slots revenues are expected to cover the bulk of the construction costs for the new arena. "This arena project is a huge stepping stone toward the goal of making Bangor a destination in this region.  And from the moment we put boots on the ground at the job site, the project becomes a huge economic boost for the whole region," said DiCentes.

Cianbro anticipates that more than 1,500 construction jobs will be created during course of the project over the next 30 months.  The project is also expected to give a boost to local suppliers, service providers, surveying firms, trucking companies, and other businesses that will cater to the construction teams.

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