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Cianbro Acquires Massachusetts Fabrication Shop

Sep 04 2012

Cianbro has acquired a significant fabrication facility in Georgetown, Massachusetts from the L. B. Foster Company. The facility was built in 1982 to fabricate structural steel for buildings and bridges, and includes approximately 40,000 square feet of fabrication and coating space.  

Cianbro Fabrication and Coating General Manager Jack Klimp said the Georgetown acquisition includes around 30 new team members as well as top-of-the-line equipment, and is an exciting addition to the Cianbro skill set.

The Georgetown facility provides more shop capacity for Cianbro and allows the company to expand its product line to include "stringer bridges" which are bridges that are made with a rolled beam as the main member of the structure.

"When I look at the acquisition of this business, what excites me about it first and foremost is that we will be bringing on board another good group of really strong team members that are very talented and they're very skilled at what they do," said Jack. "Secondarily, it gives us a shop east of New York City capable of fabricating very large members and projects.  So it's allowing us to do more. It's allowing us to chase some larger projects. It brings a nice group of very talented folks. It adds to our capacity. And it strengthens our presence relative to the New York City market and the Boston market."

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