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Scope of Work
Cianbro converted a 24 ft by 18 ft space into an operational Magnetic Resonance Image Unit room and installed the MRI unit at the Eastern Maine Medical Center Campus. 

Project Details 
  • Placed a 24 ft by 18 ft concrete foundation
  • Installed a shield, made from ¼ inch OSB board and soldered sheets of 10 oz copper, over the ceiling, floor, and walls to prevent radio frequencies from entering the room and magnetic rays from leaving the room
  • Installed the HVAC system
  • Performed medical gas upgrades
  • Installed electrical feeders into the disconnect system
  • Installed 2 inch and 3 inch conduit to protect the RF shielding 
  • Moved and installed switchgear, MCCs, and mechanical equipment
  • Relocated walls and finished the new interior up through and including fire retardant paint
  • Replaced sprinkler systems
  • Relocated existing equipment
  • Installed 12,000 lb MRI Unit
  • Completed the interior to match the professional office and hospital interior
“Having worked with Cianbro, I can tell you that I am unlikely to ever again hire any other contractor. Their organization, their ability to adapt to new and difficult settings, and their concern for our unique medical needs were unsurpassed.”
Francis I. Kittredge, Jr., MD,MRT of Maine

Unique Challenge

Cianbro constructed the MRI room and installed the MRI unit without shutting down the hospital area.  Patient interference was minimal and business was conducted as usual.

Project Information

MRI of Maine

Type of Project:
Commercial & Institutional

Construction Schedule:
Completed February 2000

Bangor, ME
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