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Scope of Work
Cianbro constructed a 300 ft by 800 ft, six-story, 4,800 space parking garage with exterior, cast-in-place, helical concrete ramps on each end of the structure.

Project Details 
  • Constructed six parking levels with 240,000 sf of space each, for a  total of 33 acres of parking
  • Performed excavation and soil stabilization 
  • Erected structural steel
  • Placed concrete foundations, pre-cast concrete double-T members, and bituminous concrete paving
  • Performed mechanical and electrical work
  • Installed elevator shafts
  • Paid meticulous attention to detail, which resulted in a weld success rate greater than 99% on over 28,000 structural welds 
  • Implemented over 120 design modifications—shifting and adding resources as necessary to accomplish the required revisions 
“Cianbro and their subcontractors overcame many challenges, including a court injunction, a tight labor market and unexpected material delivery delays to get this garage open during the holiday season.  They should all be commended for a job well done.”
Kevin A. Dillon, Manchester Airport Director

Unique Challenge

When the owner’s initial deliveries of critical structural steel were delayed by 30 days, the Cianbro team used the time to carefully replan the sequence for setting the steel beams and precast concrete.  The materials and equipment were strategically staged to minimize crane movement once the steel arrived and the erection process began.  As a result, the placement of structural steel was completed in 76 days, five weeks ahead of the original schedule.

Project Information

City of Manchester, Department of Aviation

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Completed December 1999

Manchester, NH
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