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Scope of Work
Cianbro constructed a 360 ft by 240 ft, 1400 space, 6 level parking garage at the Portland International Jetport. 

Project Details
  • Constructed six parking levels with 86,000 sf of space each, for a total of 12 acres of parking
  • Installed 9,000 sf of permanent and temporary earth support
  • Placed 3,300 cy of foundation concrete, 2,000 cy of slab-on-grade concrete, and 1,500 cy of elevated slabs
  • Placed a 340 ft by 100 ft roof canopy over the top floor
  • Erected 2,000 tons of structural steel
  • Erected 588 pieces of 30 ton precast double tee members
  • Constructed two stair towers—one with an integral elevator
  • Constructed a 6,000 sf car rental facility and a 1,400 sf parking operators building
  • Constructed a pedestrian walkway and performed various parking surface improvements
“The Cianbro project team is exemplary. Their organizational skills are excellent, always with an eye on the schedule.”
Paul Bradbury, P.E.,Facilities Manager City of Portland

Unique Challenge

The Cianbro team successfully coordinated material deliveries, work schedules for 20 subcontractors, and the stacking of trades to complete this complex project ahead of schedule—performing all work with no disruptions to the daily functions of the airport.

Project Information

City of Portland

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Completed December 2002

Portland, ME
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