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Scope of Work
Cianbro constructed the concrete foundations, spearheaded the fabrication, and erected three stainless steel spires for the United States Air Force Memorial.

Project Details
  • Pre-engineered and installed ties to facilitate the concrete placement
  • Placed 3,000 cy of concrete and installed 500 tons of reinforcing steel to construct the foundations and spire infill
  • Worked with Mariani Metal to employ CNC Water Jet Technology—a non-heat emitting process—to cut the stainless plate and to complete pre-assembly of the spires 
  • Oversaw the pickling, blasting, and finishing process
  • Oversaw the transportation of the spire sections to the project site for erection. The tallest spire towers 270 feet into the greater Washington D.C. skyline
  • Utilized pre-engineered methods to reduce staging costs and facilitate safe and efficient access
The Memorial is both bold and graceful and truly representational of the Air Force. Central to the design, three stainless steel spires soar skyward up to 270 feet above the 3-acre elevated promontory site overlooking the Pentagon.

Unique Challenge

Cianbro provided formal engineering calculations with erection and sequencing drawings for construction of the spires, as well as internal supports for the concrete placements.

Project Information

Air Force Memorial Foundation

Type of Project:
Commercial & Institutional

Construction Schedule:
Completed September 2006

Arlington, VA
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