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Pipe Line Pier Modernization

Cianbro widened and rehabilitated an operating, 1,040 lf pier at an oil tanker terminal. More...
Type:  Piers

Thames Street Bulkhead & Pier Reconstruction

Cianbro reconstructed the Bulkhead, Pier, and the Marine Railway including installation of miscellaneous utilities at the Living Classrooms Foundation on Thames Street. More...
Type:  Bulkheads

C&O Canal Big Slackwater Towpath Stabilization

Cianbro is reconstructing approximately 8,000 lf (1.5 miles) of the historic Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Towpath. More...
Type:  Shoreline Structures

Reconstruction of Berths at Dundalk Terminal

Cianbro reconstructed Berths 5 & 6 at Dundalk Marine Terminal. More...
Type:  Ports & Terminals

Broadway Pier Rehabilitation

Cianbro rehabilitated the Broadway Pier in Baltimore, Maryland. More...
Type:  Piers

Gulf of Maine Research Institute – Pier Replacement

Cianbro demolished the existing United States Coast Guard (USCG) timber pier and erected a new concrete bulkhead and pier for three 110 ft USCG Cutters. More...
Type:  Piers

Lincolnville / Islesboro Transfer Bridge Replacement

Cianbro constructed and erected two replacement ferry terminal transfer bridges and towers including 955 cy of concrete, 23 tons of rebar, 227 tons of structural tower and bridge steel, handrails, pipe bollards, and catwalks.  More...
Type:  Ports/Terminals

National Harbor Piers

Cianbro constructed a marina pier, a commercial pier, and a recreational pier at the National Harbor Complex.  More...
Type:  Piers

New London State Pier Reconstruction

Cianbro reconstructed the East Side deck and substructure of the 1,000 lf pier in the Thames River. More...
Type:  Piers

Oyster Setting Facility

Cianbro constructed a new pier, a research lab and mechanical building to support oyster cultivation research to increase oyster spat production and distribution to improve restoration efforts for the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.  More...
Type:  Piers


Bulkhead/Shoreline Structures
Intakes & Outfall
Jetties & Breakwaters
Navigable Structures


Bridge Construction / Rehabilitation
Cofferdams / Coffercells
Dolphins / Fender Systems
Intakes / Outfalls
Marina Construction
Bulkheads / Piers / Wharfs / Docks
Pile Driving / Foundations
Underwater Pipe / Cable
Structural Steel / Concrete Construction
Dams / Fish Ladders
Demolition / Salvage
Heavy Lifts / Crane Service
Mechanical / Electrical
Fabrication / Coatings
Construction Management
Design / Build

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