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Scope of Work
Cianbro constructed two, 12-bay, spent-fuel storage modules within the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) facility at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.

Project Details
  • Constructed two, 38 ft by 56 ft concrete storage modules—with 3.5 ft thick walls and a 3 ft thick roof and slab
  • Placed 2,500 cy of structural concrete 
  • Installed 210 tons of reinforcing steel
  • Installed 600 imbeds with 1/8-inch tolerances  
  • Installed twenty-four 7 ft diameter, 3,000 lb access sleeves with 1/16 inch tolerances

Unique Challenge

The Cianbro team successfully managed numerous quality control procedures for installation, construction supplies, and construction methods.

Project Information

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Inc.
(Member of the
Constellation Energy Group)

Type of Project:
Power & Energy

Construction Schedule:
Completed December 2000

Lusby, MD

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