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Scope of Work
Cianbro installed an elevator-operated fish lift located approximately 80 ft downstream of the dam, which is used to relocate fish upstream.

Project Details
  • Installed a large steel plated collection chamber on the down side of the dam for fish relocation 
  • Installed a moving screen/gate, called a crowder, to “crowd” the fish over the hopper (large bucket to hoist the fish up) 
  • Installed a steel “flume,” approximately 100 ft long to allow the fish to be viewed, counted, and released upstream of the dam
  • Fabricated approximately 100 tons of structural steel, including hand rails, ladders, grating, mechanical moving parts, and neoprene seals using a mixture of Stainless Steel, UHMW Plastic, and Galvanized Steel 
  • Assembled/modularized flume panels in the shop 
In an effort to minimize the impact to power generation, Cianbro proposed a design that spans the Unit #1 tailrace with 36 inch beams and supports a steel collection chamber. After the fish are collected they are raised to an elevated flume that runs along the powerhouse and exits at the face of the dam.

Unique Challenge

The project was constructed with limited access and used a large crane to reach over the powerhouse to place the components.

Project Information

Type of Project:
Power Generation & Energy

Construction Schedule:
Completed April 2006

Benton, ME
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