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Scope of Work
Cianbro completed the demo of the existing spillway and tailrace towers, along with the existing concrete and bedrock formations. Cianbro erected the new fish lift towers and expanded the existing attraction water channels to increase the flow capacity.  New mechanical hoists, an MCC cabinet, and a new PLC cabinet, along with all the wiring were included in the work. Cianbro also completed the demo and construction of the new fish counting room, expansion of the existing exit flume, and replacement of the existing fish trap stations with two new ones.

Project Details
  • Removal of the two existing hoisting towers 
  • Reconfiguration of  the spillway entrance with new concrete walls
  • Expanded existing flume piers 
  • Erected new support steel for the exit flume trough
  • Expanded the exit flume and installed new fish traps
  • Installed a new viewing window
  • Erected new hoisting towers
  • Installed new mechanical and electrical systems
  • Installed the new fish sampling and transport area
Cianbro Fabrication and Coating Corporation is furnishing all structural steel for the facility improvements.

Unique Challenge

Due to the tight project work area, most of the crane picks were made blindly with the operator relying on radio communication from their team members.

Project Information

Holyoke Gas & Electric

Type of Project:
Hydroelectric & Dam

Construction Schedule:
Completed April 2005

Holyoke, MA
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