Saturday, January 20, 2018


Benton Dam

Cianbro installed an elevator-operated fish lift located approximately 80 ft downstream of the dam, which is used to relocate fish upstream. More...
Type:  Fish Lift

Hadley Falls Fish Lift

Cianbro completed the demo of the existing spillway and tailrace towers, along with the existing concrete and bedrock formations. More...
Type:  Fish Lift

Loch Raven Dam Rehabilitation

Cianbro rehabilitated and upgraded a 125 ft high gravity dam with a 288 ft wide spillway containing 20 billion gallons of water from the Loch Raven Reservoir. More...
Type:  Dam

Turbine Rehabilitation Generating Unit

Cianbro completed the disassembly, rehabilitation and reassembly of the Unit 6 turbine at the Safe Harbor Plant; a 31 MW unit with a 220-in. Kaplan runner. More...
Type:  Turbine Rebuild

Weldon Frequency Conversion

Cianbro was the EPC contractor for the complete turbine generator rebuild, conversion of the generating capacity, and balance of plant equipment from 40 to 60 Hz. More...
Type:  Turbine Rebuild

Moveable Dam 8 at Lock E-12 Rehabilitation

Cianbro rehabilitated the existing combination highway/bridge and movable dam structure across the Mohawk River. More...
Type:  Dam

Schaghticoke Water Conveyance Replacement

Cianbro rehabilitated the water conveyance system for a 91-year old hydroelectric facility on the Hoosic River. More...
Type:  Water Conveyance - Transmission


Powerhouse Construction
Turbine Installations & Rebuilds
Dam Construction & Installation
Gate Fabrication & Installation
Fish Lifts / Passages
Intake Structures / Outlet Works
Water Conveyance / Transmission
Marine Construction


  • Turbine Installations & Rehabilitations
  • Runner Replacements
  • Balance-of-Plant Mechnical / Electrical
  • Substations & Electrical Transmission
  • Plant Maintenance 
  • Cofferdam Design
  • Dewatering / Water Diversion
  • Abutments, Spillways, Training Walls
  • Labyrinth Spillways
  • Conventional & Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)
  • Mechanical Systems (Intakes, Outlets, Gate Structures)
  • Water Conveyance
  • Marine Construction
  • Dam Construction & Rehabilitation
  • Cofferdams / Dewatering / Water Diversion
  • Fish Lifts /  Passages
  • Penstocks
  • Skimmer Walls
  • Intake Structures
  • Marine Construction

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