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Scope of Work
Cianbro mechanically erected a 1.5 MW General Electric Wind Turbine. This included the transportation of the wind turbine components and construction cranes up a 2.5 mile slope to the mountain summit.

Project Details
  • Erected a 1.5 MW General Electric Wind Turbine, consisting of three tower sections, approximately 90 ft in length, 15 ft in diameter, and a maximum weight of 64 tons
  • Positioned a nacelle, weighing 63 tons, on top of the three tower sections
  • Attached three, 122 ft blades and hub assembly to the nacelle, approximately 280 ft in the air
  • Designed and fabricated transportation vehicles, brackets, and rigging for the turbine and affiliated components

Unique Challenge

This was Cianbro’s first wind turbine erection project. Not only did Cianbro design and fabricate the transportation vehicles, brackets, and rigging, the Cianbro team also transported the wind turbine components and Liebherr 1400 construction crane up a 2.5 mile slope to the mountain summit, with grades as steep as 30%.

Project Information

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

Type of Project:
Power & Energy

Construction Schedule:
Completed July 2007

Hancock, MA
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