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Scope of Work
Cianbro erected a 120 ton, 6 column steel structure to support the new 255 ton SCR duct work module. In addition, 255 tons of ductwork sections, ranging in size of up to 40 ft x 22 ft, with weights in excess of 50,000 lbs per section, were erected. The SCR module consists of 50 individual ¼ inch thick steel plate duct sections, which were erected and welded to create the new flue gas bypass routing. 

Project Details
  • Placed 120 cy of concrete for the CIP spread footing foundation
  • Erected a 54 ft x 22 ft x 70 ft, 6 column steel structure, which will serve as support for over 250 tons of steel plate ductwork, making-up the heart of the SCR unit
  • Performed 3,500 lf of welding in order to seal the ductwork 
  • Relocated the existing air heater ductwork
  • Constructed a CIP concrete tank storage area
  • Installed a concrete aqueous ammonia unloading and storage area, along with several hundred ft of a stainless steel forwarding piping system and carbon airline
  • Installed an electrical system for motors, lighting, and sensors
  • Ran conduit and cable tray runs in order to link various sensors in the unit to the main PLC, which monitors the flue gas for temperature and pollutant reduction
  • Performed all duct work tie-ins during plant outages
Cianbro Fabrication and Coating Corporation furnished all SCR structural support steel.

Project Awards

Winner of the 2006 CT ABC Excellence in Construction Award

Unique Challenge

Cianbro moved two existing 50,000 lb ductwork sections in order to accommodate the SCR unit. The 40 ft duct sections were moved using Hillman rollers and chain come-alongs during a scheduled two-week plant outage. The project team worked day and night to cut the existing duct, roll it westward 5 ft 5 inches, and install spool pieces to ensure the plant could commence operations.

Project Information

Eastern Maine Medical Center

Type of Project:
Power & Energy

Construction Schedule:
Completed July 2006  

Bangor, ME
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