Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Scope of Work
Cianbro is erecting a 20 MW wind project with 10, 2 MW Gamesa wind turbines.

Project Details
  • Installing 10 rock anchor foundations
  • Providing all offloading, erection and down tower wiring services 
  • Installing 7,000 ft of overhead transmission lines
  • Installing 7,000 ft of overhead distribution lines
  • Installing 2 miles of underground collection power lines and fiber network
Cianbro was selected by the Owner as a result of our self-perform capabilities on all aspects of the work and providing our client with collaboration and schedule certainty to avoid winter conditions.

Unique Challenge

This ridgeline wind farm project is being constructed on an accelerated schedule with construction beginning in August and commissioned / operating by December.

Project Information

ECO Industries, LLC

Type of Project:
Power & Energy

Construction Schedule:
Start: August 2011
Complete: December 2011

Woodstock, ME
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