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Scope of Work
Cianbro completed the disassembly, rehabilitation and reassembly of the Unit 6 turbine at the Safe Harbor Plant; a 31 MW unit with a 220-in. Kaplan runner. The work was performed for Voith Hydro who provided replacement equipment and refurbishments and lead site management for the project. Work included generator stator refurbishment, turbine tear down, rebuild and reassembly, miscellaneous repairs and maintenance.  

Project Details
  • Removed and reinstalled wicket gate links, levers and arms
  • Disassembled and reassembled Westinghouse generator and related auxiliary equipment
  • Removed and reinstalled turbine pit piping, platforms and associated equipment
  • Disassembled and reassembled turbine head covers, turbine shaft, runner and stator
  • Cleaned thrust bearing housing, thrust bearing cooling coils, generator guide bearing shoes and thrust bearing shoes
  • Removed discharge ring, assisted in machining work, and installed new discharge ring draft tube and embed
  • Removed and reinstalled rotor poles
  • Performed stator frame modifications

Unique Challenge

The project had several challenging and unique aspects which included working the entire duration in confined spaces with limited access, retrofitting all turbine components of the 80-year old unit, as well as performing many heavy rigging operations during tear down and disassembly.

Project Information

Safe Harbor

Type of Project:
Hydroelectric & Dam

Construction Schedule:
Completed May 2009

Conestoga, PA
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