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Scope of Work
Cianbro completed decommissioning work at the Yankee Rowe Nuclear Plant. 

Project Details prior to 2005:
  • Performed engineering for the decommissioning work package development
  • Removed plant components including pumps, piping, turbine casings, and inner cylinders
  • Removed primary auxiliary building equipment
  • Assisted with the removal and transport of the reactor vessel
  • Welded the cover on the shielded container for the reactor vessel
  • Performed radioactive decontamination of steel and concrete structures
  • Remediated environmental hazards from PCBs and lead paint
Project Details succeeding 2005:  
  • Demolition of the reactor support and vapor containment structure, discharge structure, fuel storage vault, portions of the spent fuel pool structure, and the intake screenwell and pumphouse structure
  • Demolition of the fuel oil transfer house, ion exchange pit structure, fuel transfer chute in SFP, waste disposal building, VC access tower/elevator tower foundation, compactor building, SI/DG building, service building and annex, turbine building and auxiliary bay with control room, discharge structure, miscellaneous tanks and equipment foundations, stores warehouse, miscellaneous pipes, drains, rail road tracks, manholes and duct banks
  • Placement of flowable fill in 120 inch and 36 inch CMP at the Intake Structure and Seal Pit
  • Environmental sampling, groundwater management and general backfilling
  • Final site grading and placement of imported topsoil and plantings

Unique Challenge

The multi-skilled Cianbro team was recently awarded the Final Demolition & Site Remediation Contract because we continue to provide significant value to Yankee Atomic Electric Company.

Project Information

Yankee Atomic Electric Company

Type of Project:
Power & Energy

Rowe, MA
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