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Scope of Work
Cianbro constructed the new Gas-Insulated Substation for Central Maine Power Company on the Portland Waterfront, the first of its kind for the State of Maine.

Project Details
  • Installed conduit on Commercial Street, Veteran’s Intersection and St. John Street
  • Installed 9,600 lf of concrete duct bank comprised of over 70,000 lf of six-inch conduit and 2,000 cy of concrete
  • Completed all civil construction 
  • Constructed transformer and GIS foundations 
  • Built splice manholes over 115 kV Pipe Cable
  • Installed conduit and ground grid
  • Set substation transformers
  • Set Control house/Switchgear Building
  • Installed Oil Pump Plant for 115 kV cable (Sewall Street Substation)
  • Installed GIS Equipment
  • Installed and Spliced 115 kV Pipe Type Cable

Unique Challenge

The substation project had many unique challenges due to its unique positioning on the Portland Waterfront and tight site constraints. Cianbro worked with the Louis Berger Group to engineer a path to install the new duct bank in-order to avoid conflict with other utilities, coordinated work activities to accommodate the 30,000 vehicles per day that pass throughout the area, weaved through old cobblestone roads and turn-of-the-century utilities, remained sensitive to the communities’ needs; and interacted with over four dozen businesses around the substation site.

Project Information

Central Maine Power Company

Type of Project:
Electrical Transmission & Distribution

Construction Schedule:
Completed July 2005

Portland, ME
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