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Scope of Work
Cianbro performed all site and substation construction, as well as civil and electrical work necessary for the construction of a new 345 / 115 kV substation.

Project Details
Site work of the 9 acre parcel included the following:
    • Excavated 11,500 cy for foundations
    • 23,300 cy select grade fill
    • 4,500 cy of ¾” to 1 ½ ” crushed stone for finish grade
    • Installed 291 pre-cast concrete foundations and 27 cast-in-place concrete foundations
  • Erected structural steel 
  • Constructed an 88 ft by 38 ft control house and installed all of the electrical outfitting, including AC/DC equipment, cable tray, lighting, control cabinets, wiring, and terminations
  • Constructed both a 345 kV and a 115 kV aluminum bus system
  • Installed all 345 kV yard equipment, including 4 circuit breakers, 15 disconnect switches, and a number of CCVT’s, LA’s, insulators, and wave traps
  • Installed all 115 kV yard equipment, including 5 circuit breakers, 17 disconnect switches, and a number of CCVT’s, LA’s, and wave traps
  • Performed high-voltage and P&C testing
  • Completed all conduit installations and equipment grounding
  • Pulled and terminated power and control cables
  • Constructed and installed all flex taps
  • Installed and spliced all fiber optic cables

Unique Challenge

Cianbro met all of the scheduled transmission line cut-in dates throughout this project.

Project Information

Public Service of New Hampshire

Type of Project:
Electrical Transmission & Distribution

Construction Schedule:
Completed November 2008

Fitzwilliam, NH
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