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Scope of Work
Cianbro constructed a 345 kV transmission line for the Southern Loop project including installation of a new 345 kV transmission line and relocation of existing 345 kV and 115 kV interconnection lines.  The project totaled 53 miles and included direct imbedded wood H-frame structures, steel mono-pole structures on anchor bolt foundations, twin bundled 954 ACSR conductor and two OPGW static lines.

Project Details
Cianbro performed the following construction services:

Vernon – Coolidge Line 360:
  • Constructed a new 50.9 mile 345 kV wood H-frame transmission line paralleling the existing 345 kV transmission line
Newfane Loop:
  • Constructed a new 2 mile 345 kV wood H-frame transmission line “loop”
Vernon – Coolidge Line 340:
  • Modified the existing 345 kV interconnect line 
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Facility:
  • Constructed new 345 kV and 115 kV structures within the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Facility providing interconnections between the Vernon Substation and the existing Vermont Yankee substation 
  • Removed the existing lattice tower structures within the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Facility
Vernon Substation:
  • Tied the existing interconnect lines into the Vernon Substation

Unique Challenge

To reduce the environmental impacts to the surrounding ecosystem, Cianbro used helicopter services for production assistance. Cianbro worked in various weather conditions, including harsh winter weather and the unpredictable spring season.

Project Information

Vermont Transco, LLC

Type of Project:
Electrical Transmission & Distribution

Construction Schedule:
Completed September 2010

Vernon, VT

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