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Scope of Work
The Neptune Regional Transmission System (Neptune RTS) project consists of the installation of an undersea buried cable and construction of two electricity converter stations that transport 660 MW of high voltage direct current (HVDC) electricity to interconnect the Long Island Power Authority with the PJM, in Sayreville, N.J. The interconnection is from New Jersey to Long Island, approximately 65 miles in length. 

Project Details
  • Electricity moves safely through a solid seven-inch DC cable buried in the sea floor. This cable overcomes bottlenecks in the existing, land-based electrical transmission grid, which hinders the efficient use of energy resources in Long Island and northern and central New Jersey.
  • The cable travels undersea from a converter station in Sayreville, New Jersey, through the Raritan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean to Hempstead Bay.  It surfaces in Long Island near the Jones Beach State Park Fishing Pier and lies beneath the right-of-way along the east side of the Jones Beach Causeway to the Wantagh State Parkway and finally to the Duffy Avenue converter station site.
  • After DC power is converted to AC power, it is transported in AC cables to interconnect with LIPA’s Newbridge Road substation. The electricity then runs on LIPA’s local distribution network.
In addition Cianbro:
  • Was the lead developer, activities included; siting, permitting, RFP preparation, PUC hearings, project financing, and EPC Contractor Selection.
  • Was responsible for all marketing activities
  • Maintains Board of Director position for the Neptune RTS project

Unique Challenge

Unlike many industrial facilities, this project creates no traffic or odors, and no air or fluid emissions. The minimal noise generated from the facility will not be noticeable, especially because it is located next to a bustling highway and is buffered with a wooded tract.

Project Information

Neptune Regional Transmission System, LLC

Type of Project:
Electrical Transmission & Distribution

Construction Schedule:
Completed June 2007

North Hempstead, NY
Sayreville, NJ
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