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Scope of Work
Cianbro is reconstructing the nearly century old, single leaf bascule Bates Bridge over the Merrimack River, restructuring the roadway approaches, and reconfiguring two intersections. This project consists primarily of the replacement of the existing bridge with a new bridge located approximately 60 feet downstream. This will allow the existing bridge to remain in service during construction. The proposed bridge will have a moveable span similar to the existing bridge. In addition to the 775 foot long bridge, the project also includes reconstruction of the approach roadways in the City of Haverhill and the Town of Groveland to tie the new bridge alignment in with the existing approach roadways. The approach work extends approximately 500 feet beyond the bridge in Haverhill and 300 feet in Groveland.

Project Details
  • Reconstructing the new movable span bridge, which includes: drilled shaft foundations, temporary cofferdams, reinforced concrete piers, structural steel superstructure, concrete filled grid deck, a dolphin fender system, mechanical drive system and electrical controls, gates, and lights
  • Reconstructing new fixed span approach structures, which includes: driven steel pipe pile foundations, temporary cofferdams, steel plate girder superstructure, concrete bridge deck, steel bridge railing, joints, bearings, and retaining walls
  • Reconstructing roadway work which includes excavation, borrow, grading, installation of bituminous pavement, curbing, sidewalks, highway guardrail, pavement markings, relocation and adjustment of existing utilities, traffic control, and installation of traffic signal systems
  • Demolishing the existing bridge structure

Unique Challenge

The access provided by the Bates Bridge, the only river crossing providing direct entry to the center of Groveland from Haverhill, is critical to the economic vitality of the downtown Groveland and Haverhill business districts. Two lanes of vehicular traffic and one sidewalk for pedestrians will be maintained at all times.

Project Information

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Start: February 2010
Complete: June 2014

Groveland-Haverhill, MA
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