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Scope of Work
Cianbro is replacing two fixed, simple span, thru-girder rail bridges. The railway consists of two ballasted tracks on the same alignment located on a causeway, with low clearance over harbor channels approximately 800 feet apart. 

Project Details
  • Constructing 8 – 30 ft x 30 ft pile supported work platforms for micro pile drilling operations
  • Drilling and grouting 48 – 65 ft long, 12 inch diameter micro piles with a 14 ft rock socket, in close proximity to the rail track and Stonington Harbor
  • Installing 8, temporary jump span bridges to allow forming and placing of four concrete abutments behind the existing abutments under live train traffic
  • Constructing 2, roll-in falsework systems consisting of double W36 x 302 track beams on 20 inch diameter pipe pile bents
  • Erecting 1,200 tons of structural steel for the new bridge superstructures on roll-in falsework adjacent to the existing bridges
  • Demolishing two existing bridges consisting of track, ballast, concrete ties, precast concrete deck panels and lead paint coated structural steel

Unique Challenge

Cianbro is removing and replacing both bridges during a single, 20 hour double track outage by utilizing a roll-out and roll-in change over system.

Project Information


Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Start:  April 2011
Complete: December 2011

Stonington, CT
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