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Scope of Work
Cianbro, along with Joint Venture Partner Brasfield & Gorrie, is constructing a new vertical lift span bridge adjacent to the existing, single-track bridge, located over the Intracoastal Waterway at Mile 357.2, near Galveston, Texas.

Project Details
  • Designing and constructing a temporary railroad span over each new pier to allow for continuous rail traffic during construction
  • Fabricating and erecting the new vertical lift span off-site
  • Constructing two new pile supported piers under and adjacent to the existing bridge, all while maintaining continuous railroad traffic
  • Constructing a new 382-foot long single track vertical lift span, two flanking deck girder spans within and adjacent to the tower spans, complete lifting and locking mechanical system, power supply and control system, the float-out of the existing bascule span and the float-in of the new vertical lift span, during rail and marine shutdowns
  • Constructing the new bridge deck on the new vertical lift and tower spans and installing track, miter joints, and rail assemblies on the new spans to join with the existing rails at adjacent piers
  • Designing and constructing a new control house
  • Constructing two each 35 ft diameter and one each 45 ft diameter steel sheet pile dolphins and fender system and removing the existing fenders and north side dolphins
  • Removing two existing arch abutments and all other existing construction between the new fenders to El. 25 ft below MLW
  • Demolishing the existing 124 ft long rolling bascule span within marine shutdown
  • Replacing the existing 36 and 30 inch potable water lines, trenched under the channel, while maintaining all marine traffic on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
  • Testing lift span operating machinery, mechanical components, and electrical equipment

Project Videos

Unique Challenge

Cianbro|Brasfield & Gorrie will need to complete the float-out/float-in phase of the lift span during a 72-hour marine channel shutdown, with only a 12 hour window to close the bridge from rail traffic.

Project Information

The County of Galveston

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Start: June 2010
Complete: June 2012

Galveston, TX
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