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Scope of Work
The Cianbro team is the design-builder for the design and construction a new 582 ft bridge over the Piscataquis River. The project includes a haunched steel girder bridge with two in-water support piers along with roadway approaches, and a round-a-about. Additional work includes; utility relocations, ROW mapping, appraisals, coordination of the work with the town of Howland and area businesses, installation of a town skating rink and demolition of the existing bridge. All work must be completed with zero traffic interruptions.

Project Details
  • Design and install a three span bridge and approaches
  • Design the utility relocations (water, sewer, communication and electrical) 
  • Conduct hydraulic studies and analysis
  • Prepare ROW maps and conduct appraisals
  • Prepare environmental permit relation documents
  • Design lighting for the new roadway and approaches
  • Install 4 cofferdams and excavate to bedrock for foundations
  • Install 2 – 56 ft x 20 ft abutments and 2 – 56 ft x 16 ft piers
  • Erect 5 haunched steel girders, 582 ft in length
  • Install new drainage, sewer and water line, and a round-a-bout
  • Install new lighting for the roadway and bridge
  • Demolish the existing 524 ft through truss bridge

Unique Challenge

The team developed a two pier option during the preliminary design phase (vs. a three pier during conceptual drawings) and was able to provide a haunched steel girder system. Detailed hydraulic modeling/scour analysis was performed and approach work was modified to prove the design satisfied State criteria The team worked closely with Utility Owners and ROW requirements to incorporate utility relocation into the new design. The construction of the new bridge requires precise project planning because the new bridge is being constructed between the existing bridge and power distribution lines. Extensive float/barge units were installed to create a safe and effective work platform. The design engineers and construction management team worked closely to develop constructability options and approaches.

Project Information

Maine Department of Transportation

Type of Project:

Construction Schedule:
Start: January 2011
Complete: December 2012

Howland, ME

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