Health, Safety & Environmental

Health, Safety & Environmental

Safety is a Core Value of Cianbro
Recognized as a national leader, Cianbro is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our team. This commitment includes our journey to Beyond Zero – creating an environment where our team members go home in better condition than they arrived at work; healthier, more educated, and able to influence the people around them. As leaders, Cianbro team members continually reinforce the value of taking care of personal health, looking out for fellow team members, and not taking or accepting unnecessary risks. This is Cianbro’s moral obligation. It is how we choose to work. It is a value instead of a priority.

Cianbro believes safety drives productivity. Safety is the prime workplace factor to mitigate exposure wherever possible, eliminate at-risk behavior and experience beyond zero results on each project site; every team member has a moral right to an injury-free workplace. Utilizing the behavior-based safety process, known as the Cianbro Accident Prevention Process (CAPP), team members are provided with the opportunity to participate in safety improvement by identifying both safe and at-risk behaviors every day.



OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
In 2017, Cianbro was approved by OSHA to become part of the Star Mobile Workforce Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). In doing so, Cianbro became part of an elite group of organizations that provide exemplary occupational safety and health protection and serve as models for others. This achievement was accomplished through Cianbro's commitment to Lean safety and continuous improvement.

OSHA VPP Highlights (As of October 2018): 

  • The ONLY Star Mobile Workforce participant in Region One
  • 1 of 9 Star Mobile Workforce participants in the United States classified under NAICS code 237 - heavy construction

The Cianbro Companies Safety Highlights

Star Mobile Workforce


 “Healthiest & Safest
Company in America”

 “Wellness Program Best In United States”

 Safety and Health Achievement Program (SHARP) Award

Merit Award

George Campbell Award

Safety Award of Honor

(STEP) Award - Diamond Level


Environmental Stewardship
Cianbro protects its team members, the public, and the environment from undue risks of harm that may result from operations, or the use of hazardous materials, by developing, implementing, and monitoring programs to support the successful completion of each and every project. Furthermore, as evidenced through exemplary compliance, environmental stewardship is at the forefront of Cianbro’s projects.

Health & Wellness
Health and safety is part of what we do every day - at work and at home. Our wellness program provides the resources and support for team members and spouses to become healthier, increase their quality of life, and reduce the need for healthcare. The key to our successful wellness program includes the following three strategies:


Creating a Healthy and Safe Work Environment

  • Substance and tobacco-free jobsites
  • Benefit programs that align with behaviors we encourage
  • Financial incentives for healthy living
  • Stretches at the start and end of each work day
  • Health and safety tips shared through stand and delivers
  • Healthy vending, food, and beverage options for company provided meals
  • Wellness champions on jobsites
  • Safety and Health Awareness Raises Excellence (SHARE) committees promote safety and health initiatives, share lessons learned, and address concerns



Promoting Health and Medical Self-management

Prevention & Self-management

  • Consumer-driven medical plan with a health savings account that encourages wise healthcare choices
  • Personal health advocate service that aids with healthcare and insurance issues
  • Behavior-based health and safety program
  • Employee assistance program that provides guidance to help balance work and family
  • Medical carrier 24-hour Nurse Health Information line to triage team members with health concerns and a website with tools and resources to manage medical care
  • Wellness Matters newsletter
  • Safety focus reviewed verbally with team members
  • Intranet for team members with benefit and wellness information
  • Audio health information library available through our medical carrier’s 24-hour Nurse Health Information line
  • Quality Counts Program promoting Centers of Excellence



Maintaining Good Health and Eliminating At-risk Controllable Health Behaviors

  • Healthy LifeStyle Program that includes the Quit Tobacco Today Program and the Fitness & Weight Loss Program Reimbursement
  • Cianbro’s Accident Prevention Process (CAPP)