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Title: High School Bootcamp Intern
Location: ME/NH/MA

Cianbro is pleased to announce that we are once again accepting applications for our annual Summer Construction Boot Camp. This program will offer a paid summer internship for selected high school students and allow a pathway into the construction industry.

Participants will engage in a week long Boot Camp in Pittsfield, Maine to familiarize themselves with basic rigging, staging set-up and take down, form set-up and take down, safety principles, acetylene torch safety and use, holewatch/firewatch and power/air tool safety and use. Upon completion of the week long camp, participants will be assigned to a jobsite within the Northern New England Region for the remainder of the summer.

Boot Camp is open to High School students who are at least 18 years old and enrolled in a vocational/technical program. Two letters of recommendation from instructors or other school faculty is required.