Project Detail

GNP Paper Machine Rebuild and Modernization

Millinocket, ME

Successfully completing the construction phase of a 42-day machine shutdown, Cianbro’s project team peaked at 800 members strong.

Scope of Work

Cianbro self-performed the No. 11 Paper Machine rebuild and modernization project—converting paper production from directory grade to supercalender grade A paper.

Project Details

  • Assisted the owner with project management
  • Performed constructability reviews for the design engineer
  • Dismantled and removed portions of existing equipment
  • Modified the stock preparation area, which included:
    • Installing a new refiner, saveall, screens, and cleaners
    • Performing associated piping, electrical, and instrumentation work—including the installation of 40,000 linear feet of pipe, 750,000 linear feet of cable, 35,000 cable terminations, and 40,000 linear feet of tubing
    • Installing a new reel, winder, and roll handling system at the machine’s dry end
  • Placed 3,080 cubic yards of concrete foundations
  • Erected 133 tons of structural steel
  • Completed a 42-day machine shutdown to:
    • Revise the power distribution and control systems
    • Install new drives
    • Install a new forming section, headbox, and steam box at the press section
    • Modify the dryer section, which included installing a new remoisturizing section and on-machine supercalender

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

With limited drawings, the Cianbro team coordinated all trades and successfully completed significant portions of the work to ensure a productive 42-day machine shutdown.