Project Detail

Gloucester Bridge Rehabilitation

Gloucester, MA

Scope of Work

Cianbro rehabilitated the 65-year-old Abram Piatt Andrew Bridge in the city of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The Gloucester landmark crosses over the Annisquam River.

Project Details

  • Removed structural steel bracing and replaced with new tube steel bracing while the bridge is under live load
  • Repaired the arch ribs and replaced approximately 2,000 rivets with high strength bolts
  • Cleaned and painted portions of the structural steel in the superstructure
  • Replaced the deflection joints and finger joints
  • Milled and grooved the existing bridge deck
  • Conserved the existing historic bronze doors
  • Installed temporary shielding for construction
  • Provided temporary traffic control

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro faced the challenge of replacing over 100 tons of structural steel bracing. In order to keep the bridge under live load, a strict replacement sequence was followed. The replacement sequence, coupled with the vast deterioration of the existing steel, required large amounts of hand rigging to be installed and continuously relocated to install and remove all pieces. Cianbro was also tasked with the unique challenge of removing historic bronze doors from the access piers on the bridge deck. Once conserved, the four 400 pound doors were stored in the Cape Ann Museum, and then reinstalled on the bridge deck nearing the end of the project.