Project Detail

Niantic River Bascule Bridge Replacement (Electrical)

East Lyme & Waterford, CT

Scope of Work

Cianbro self-performed the electrical installation of the bridge control system including all conduit, wire and submarine cable along with the installation of the control and signal wiring for the construction of a new two-track, electrified bascule bridge across the Niantic River.

Project Details

  • Furnished, coordinated, installed and terminated the bridge controls, C&S submarine cables, and submarine terminal cabinets
  • Furnished, coordinated, installed and terminated 2 kV and 46 kV electric traction submarine cables and submarine terminal cabinets
  • Furnished, coordinated, installed and terminated new motor control centers, control console, and the bridge control system
  • Installed the catenary electrification system for train propulsion
  • Installed the control and signalization raceway, wire, and associated coordination with Amtrak’s C&S department
  • Installed navigational lights, pier lights and air horn
  • Installed power distribution, branch wiring and fire alarm system within the new control house
  • Installed temporary services to accommodate and support the bridges temporary power, lighting and required security
  • Installed lightning protection system for the control house and associated structure
  • Installed 350 kw generator and associated transfer switches
  • Installed dual 480 volt services for bridge power redundancy

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro installed the new catenary structures within very close proximity to existing overhead lines which required detailed planning and consistent communication with Amtrak.

The Construction Manager was URS Corporation.


ABC National Excellence in Construction Award
ABC Connecticut Best in Show Excellence in Construction Award