Project Detail

Substation Security Fence Upgrades

Withheld Upon Owner Request

Scope of Work

Cianbro installed 20 feet high security fences around the perimeter of 6 – 500 kV substations. The project consisted of excavation and installation of concrete foundations, grade beams, and electrical grounding of structures. The structural steel fence posts and steel louvered mesh panels encapsulated the substation. The fence system consisted of tube steel posts encased in the foundation and a series of rails and hardware to connect the individual fence panels that lock the fencing system together. Additional aspects of the projects included excavation and installation of conduit through the active substation yard for security cameras, motion sensors, and other security system controls.

Project Details

  • Excavated / exposed grounding grid and connected with new grounds
  • Augured 3 feet diameter by 6 ft-6 inch foundations for fence posts
  • Installed foundation form and false work to support fence posts in excavated hole
  • Placed and finished concrete foundations
  • Installed grade beams between fence post foundations
  • Backfilled, compacted, and fine graded foundations and beams
  • Installed steel fence panels, support rails, and hardware to complete the fencing system for over 17,000 linear feet of fence
  • Grounded the fencing system from inductive charge into the existing ground grid

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Cianbro was posed with challenging equipment access to safely install the fence components which were located immediately adjacent to steel support structures, energized tranmission lines and equipment, and in many instances extremely tight spaces. Additionly, Cianbro faced compressed schedule requirements for fence completion.