Maine Power Reliability Program – The Central Loop

The project spans a distance of 230 miles from Rumford in the Northwest to Pownal in the South and Windsor to the East in the State of Maine

The magnitude and sensitive nature of this project required the Cianbro | Irby team members and trade partners to undergo extensive orientation before they were allowed to perform work in CMP’s transmission corridor.

Scope of Work

Cianbro and Irby Construction constructed/upgraded 230 miles of transmission line known as the Central Loop as part of the Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP), which was a major upgrade to Central Maine Power Company’s bulk transmission system. The upgrade included 345 kV, 115 kV and 34.5 kV conductor and static lines with thousands of wood h-frame poles, steel mono-poles, steel three-pole angle structures and lattice structures. Cianbro employed and contracted services to manage the right of way property acquisitions and negotiations, including the legal efforts to conclude these for a timely construction schedule. Cianbro staff also oversaw and managed the massive environmental effort which was critical to keeping the work moving.

Project Details

  • Constructed new transmission lines as well as rebuilt existing lines
  • Coordinated construction of the lines with outage schedules and substation construction
  • Performed work on energized lines to minimize any power disruption
  • Identified, maintained and restored access routes and placed temporary timber mats through rights-of-way (ROW)
  • Received, stored and distributed all owner- and contractor-furnished materials
  • Probed, blasted, and removed rock for each pole and anchor location and installed rock anchors
  • Erected each pole structure including moving the pole out to the ROW, framing, digging and setting the structure
  • Pulled ropes, installed conductor, installed OPGW/OHSW
  • Performed sagging, dead ending, clipping in, splicing, and coordination with helicopter crews
  • Developed and implemented the Environmental Plan including right of way access, time year of restrictions and endangered species restrictions

Lean, Innovative, and Unique Project Solutions

Due to the magnitude and sensitive nature of this project, emphasis was placed on safety, environmental protection, community relations and quality control. The team established a comprehensive Environmental Awareness and Compliance program to ensure Maine’s natural resources were protected. Timber mats were strategically placed to accommodate the work while avoiding and minimizing impacts to sensitive environmental areas such as wetlands, vernal pools, salmon streams, and indigenous plant and wildlife habitats.